St. Tropez The Ultimate Tan With its truly radical formulation, St. Tropez has become the iconic tanning brand of our age and has attracted unrivalled press acclaim and celebrity endorsements. A sunless tan is a safe, easy, fast and convenient way to appear and feel more attractive!
Aromaguard™ St. Tropez has recently re-launched and extended their product range, and they now contain Aromaguard TM fragrance technology which eliminates the tell-tale self tan aroma.
Aloe Vera St. Tropez is an aloe vera based tanning system that produces a naturally glamorous tan. The Original Tan is much more than a tan; you get an hour pampering, and your skin gets a huge boost of vitamins, nutrients and hydration, leaving it soft and perfectly smooth.
Treatment prices
St. Tropez Original Tan (with Body Polish) 35
St. Tropez Body Polish & Moisturising Massage (no tan) 30.00
Special Offer! Buy 3 St. Tropez products get 5 off!

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