A place to unwind


Offering a range of treatments

  • Massage

  • Reflexology, including Facial Reflexology

  • Holistic Facials, including Zone Face Lift

  • Reiki

I have more than 20 years of experience – having initially trained as a beauty therapist in the 90’s. My children were very young at the time, and I wanted to create a work/life balance to intertwine with family life.  Since then I have continually trained and developed as a therapist, concentrating now on Massage, Holistics and Wellbeing – including the celebrated Zone Face Lift ‘the natural alternative to Botox’.

On Mondays I carry out treatments at Equilibrium Yoga Centre, Peterborough – on other days of the week I work from my peaceful Scandinavian garden cabin in Stamford.  I also offer treatments in the workplace – ask me about corporate massage days.

Originally from Norway, I have lived in the UK for more than 35 years, but am deeply inspired by my roots in nature, the natural landscape, plants, the environment and living a clean, healthy, calm and sustainable life.

Massage and holistic therapies can provide a superb antidote to everyday stresses and strains, aches and pains – or times of trauma and crisis. My massage and holistic treatments can support you through such times, each session being individually tailored to your needs.

Regular massage (as well as yoga!) helps me keep lower back pain under control, it is a vital part of my lifestyle that I wouldn’t be without.

Since the loss of my 11-year old son in 2005, I discovered for myself how profoundly a treatment can touch you.  A treatment that can reach out to you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually is a truly holistic experience, and immensely healing.

As such, holistic and wellbeing treatments can offer an important support in life – a support that helps you to stay healthy, balanced, grounded and calm.