Zone Face Lift

75 minutes £65
Full programme: 12 weekly treatments: £650

‘Take off 10 years in 12 weeks and lift your spirit for life!’

This is a totally natural solution to signs of ageing, developed by award-winning reflexologist Ziggie Bergman. A unique holistic treatment, combining facial reflexology, pressure point massage, Japanese face lift massage, Gua-sha massage – and other elements, including the healing properties of the Zone Face Lift Elixir.

With age (now mid 50’s), I have become increasingly disconcerted about the vulnerabilities I see in women (and men!) feeling under pressure to spend a fortune on products or invasive treatments - yet not necessarily feeling better about themselves!

Zone Face Lift gives you a chance to look the best you possibly can AND feel great, because the treatments work deeply through your whole body, and you have a chance to properly connect to yourself and make changes to your lifestyle.

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Alternative treatment programme to suit your schedule on request. All programmes includes Gua-sha tool and home routine.


Zone Face Lift is a total holistic treatment – mind, Skin and soul. My skin has improved remarkably, my mind relaxes completely and soul benefits amazingly long after each treatment.
— K.B.R.


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