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Massage is a wonderful tool of support to ease muscular, mental and emotional tension.  Most of my body massage treatments are done NO HANDS* style, ie using my forearms rather than hands, to facilitate a super flowing and deep treatment, without pain.  I offer NO HANDS* Massage, full body, back neck & shoulders, sports, aromatherapy, pregnancy massage and Indian head massage.

Reflexology, Facial Reflexology & Reiki

Reflex points on the feet, or face, are stimulated to have an effect on your whole body.  Reflexology is a wonderful way of balancing flow, and the treatment is deeply relaxing.  With facial reflexology, you get the same effect through the body, with the added benefit of stimulating the skin and facial muscles, leaving your face tension free and glowing.

Reiki is a Japanese system of working with energies, restoring energy flow, and encouraging the body to heal itself.  With Reiki you are able to see another perspective, and in this space you may be able to make positive changes to your life.


Zone Face Lift

A treatment that has been described as ‘the natural alternative to Botox’. A wonderful combination of facial reflexology and face lift massage.  Detoxing, stimulating and lifting – feel great and look the best you possibly can, naturally!


Holistic Facials

Massage techniques that have an effect through the whole body – combined with organic, vegan, plant based products from Botanicals, that are made in Leicestershire, and that your skin will love!


Take off 10 years in 12 weeks and lift your spirit for life!



All the products I use, as far as possible, are natural, organic, plant-based and vegan. As much as possible, I aim to avoid plastic packaging. I use many products from Botanicals (produced locally in Leicestershire), but also use items from other producers of similar quality and ethical standards.  Trained as an Aromatherapist, I also blend my own oils.

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